Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tour de House - Kitchen

Over the next few days I thought I would treat you to what the house looks like now.

The kitchen is the most complete room I think.  Maybe the master bathroom is close as well.  They each still have one major thing to be done.

The kitchen is light and bright and very modern now.  It was warmer and darker before.  I decided since that I do like the warmth of wood better than painted cabinets so I probably should have gone with light wood cabinets.  All that said, I do like the way it looks.  Funny, I do like it, just wish it were warmer and woody.

This is the view of the gas range and backsplash.

The microwave is to the right on the other side of the door if you stand facing the stove.

See that bottom left cabinet missing the handle?  Both of us missed it.  LOL.  So we went around looking, and sure enough, found one more we missed.  Geez.  The next cabinet is the pull out with the garbage and recycle bins.  Best thing I ever did, McGee has not raided it once!

You can see it a bit better here.  Of course the long arm/dining room is through that door!  Quilting and cooking dinner go hand in hand here!

This is the magazine shot!  It is the island and the cabinets along the outside wall.  The sink is at the window there.

I am standing in the breakfast area to take the photo.  So this is behind me.

I have two people coming to quote blinds to me this coming week.  Still not exactly sure what I want to do.  One suggested Plantation Shutters.  But I don't think they will work in this area.  Maybe the front bedrooms and the long arm room. 
Think back to the microwave photo.  Y0ou can see the edge of the  fridge.  This is the other edge of the fridge.

The butcher block is coming mid-week. And when it goes in, it will obviously become the catch all place for the kitchen now!

The wood I am craving will be on here so I am looking forward to having it in place.   See the feet on the bottom?

I am standing in the kitchen, looking over the butcher block into the den.

This is where we removed the wall.  I found two bar stools with a smaller profile that I think will be nice on the den side of the butcher block.

If I get that expensive yellow chair, I can get yellow leather on the bar stools!

Carrie will probably have conniption fit about that yellow stuff............


  1. Adding the butcher block will help your wood cravings -- and for what it is worth, I like yellow.

  2. Your house, your choice. I doubt buying a few pieces she would not have chosen would rate a conniption fit. Maybe annoyance, because she could have made so many better choices, but life is...

  3. Any signs of your ghost? Is your disposal still shocking you? Loved the tour. Can't wait to go swimming in my 6 foot tub!

  4. Love the windows in the breakfast area! The kitchen is gorgeous. I have an idea for adding wood--use wooden bowls as accessories, fruit bowls, wooden spice rack (can't remember if you have one built in), and so on. That will warm up the kitchen and can be changed out should you ever decide you don't need the wood. Just a thought. It's beautiful regardless!

  5. I think yellow sounds divine. I am sure Les Spices have found a home. Such a beautiful kitchen.

    your pal, Sneaky Spice!

  6. The kitchen is simply beautiful! I wish my studio was next to my kitchen. Note to self - next house make sure they are next to each other.


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