Monday, March 6, 2017

Allergic to Dogs?

So I met with the Asthma and Allergy Specialist today.  About 18 years ago I had ll the allergy testing and spent the next 2 years getting allergy shots.  they made such a difference in my life.  But my Family doc told me that I was lucky to get 8 years run out of the shots.

So he suggested I meet with Dr. M to see what was still working and what was not.

After a long personal consultation with a nurse and then Dr. M himself, he ordered  the scratching apparatus to commence scratching me.

Almost immediately, red bumps began to itch dust!  Can we get insurance to pay for the maid?

And of course, rag weed of two varieties.  Cockroach dust, now that was fun to know.  Luckily there are no cock-a-roaches in my house.  And something called aspergillus, which I thought was root beer.  And feathers, which is good to know because I was considering a down comforter for our beds. 

Then came the animal panel.  Cats were a 3++ so I guess we don't get any more cats.  But dogs.......they were 0.  Luckily they all get to stay!  LOL.  (Like I could have convinced them to leave...)

Here it is, 10 hours later, house dust is still reacting, rag weed is right there behind the dust.  And  something on my upper arm is driving me crazy!  Most likely one of the molds.  Come to think about it, the back of my upper arm itches as well.  My eye is so irritated and my back is pretty itchy.

He gave me another allergy spray and an asthma medicine.

I had a meeting with Carrie at the hospital, so when i got got it........benedryl!

This afternoon, I played around with the arrangement of dog portraits in the foyer.

I used some brown paper the painters left here to cut out the portraits.  I sketched a cursory dog on each so I would have an orientation for the brown paper.  First I laid the actual portraits on the living room floor.  Once I had the arrangement I taped the papers to the wall.  I am liking the arrangement butt I will continue to live with it for a few days before I take to the hammer.

I have to talk to Julie about doing McGee's portrait.  And there was a lady in the  Art Market at the Farmer's Market on Saturday who is going to do the two Irish Setters Brandy and Ginger together in one portrait.  Tht is the only way to make this arrangement work.

Now I need one more, Pepsi.  She is the Swissy who started me on two journeys, CAAWS and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

So, like the dots on my arm, the paper portraits on my wall.......I am itchy and liking the arrangement.


  1. I had an allergy panel many years ago and they told me I wasn't allergic to much. I know I am allergic to royal poinciana but that just means not going south of Orlando without a benadryl handy. My other allergies are medicines and strawberries, all of which I am very careful not to ingest. They couldn't test me for any that they knew I had anaphylactic reactions to in the past in office, so he didn't bother.

  2. OMG, I saw the title and thought this will send Glen straight over the edge if she's allergic to the dogs. Whew!!!

  3. Thank goodness the dogs still have a home! I break out with metal except 14 K gold and stainless steel. So annoying when the rivets in my jeans make me break out! Cats make my hands swell and some adhesive tapes will make me break out, but that is about it. My son has the ragweed type allergies - he got that from his dad.

    Do you have to go get shots again? The dog portraits are going to look so good!

  4. I see the swissys and the bassets - who is the black lab looking one?

  5. Allergies are a misery no one needs. I have the cockroach one, too. My doc said roach dust is the worst but any insect dust can cause a reaction. So the rule is if you kill the bug, you clean the bug. (Just like hunting and fishing.) Boys sort of get it somehow, which is good because they don't get that boots "kick the dust up" and I don't mean dancing in the dirt. Love my boys, hate their boots!

  6. For many years, I was ONLY allergic to dust mites, but after moving to New Mexico, I had a test (about 5 years ago) and was told I was allergic to almost everything, including the cats. Cockroach dust is one of the few that didn't make me react. After one miserable year, I wasn't bothered by allergies, much, but ... around here, lately, the Juniper pollen that is killing everyone, including me. Maybe it's time for me to consider the shots.

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