Friday, March 10, 2017

I promised you show and tell.

I promised you a show  and tell of the quilts come home from Charlene's.

Ginger Spice Jars - From one of the magazines

This is BQ from Maple Island Quilts It has a softer batting inside and just doesn't feel like a quilt to me.  I think the batting was one of the early bamboos.

Modern Books - Once upon a time....  This was for a Michael Miller Challenge in 2015 for the Modern Guild and we could only use Michael Miller fabrics or solids.

This is Carnivale.  It was an Ugly Fabric Challenge and it won First Place. The Ugly Fabric is the center of all the circles.  One of the Twins chose this quilt as his Bonus Prize for finishing up on the quilt room yesterday.

this was a mystery I presented from a designer in MO who does Revolutionary War quilts.  Yvonne........can't remember her last name.  Clothesline Quilts.  It is based upon Bourgogne Surrounded block. Stephen chose this one as his Bonus Quilt.

This is my design in response to a MonoChromatic Challenge at River City Guild.  You can see where the Color Run took some of the color out of the blue border and the backing, which is the same material.

this is the Kimono that never made it to Jenny.  Who has since graduated and moved to New York.  It was also my own design using a bunch of random  Asian Fabrics.

this is a Stained Glass Pattern from Narcoleptic In A Closet. Sarah sews in a closet and, yes, is narcoleptic.  She says she will fall asleep and wake up with the most amazing quilt purchases!  Now that is the way to use one's affliction to maximum benefit!

I have some additional quilts to show but I need some time to photograph them. 


  1. You are such a tease.....we want pictures, we want pictures;-)

  2. How exciting it must be for you to finally show QUILTS on your blog!!!

  3. How great that you are sharing quilts with the Twins! And how awesome to see quilt photos here (like Millie said).

  4. Thanks for the quilt show! The twins are lucking guys to each have one of your quilts to cuddle under!

  5. I'll be bring more home on my next visit. Better get prepared! There is another bin full. They are pining for your touch!I may even wrestle Pape & Me-New for the one that has been on our bed since it was washed in August. It is not like the man doesn't have 6 quilts in the closet and 3 in the guest room. By the way the Twins have good taste!

  6. So very glad that you gifted the Twins with their own quilts. What a bonus! They were good to you when you needed some love from the world. And they do such amazing work. We all know what a giving, caring person you are but the world doesn't necessarily know these things. You are proof of the goodness of quilters. Enjoy your beautiful, new sewing room and (finally!) your freedom from the chaos of the last several months!


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