Friday, March 10, 2017

Painting the Sewing Studio Shelves

 One of my allergens has been the dust generated by building stuff in the house.  Studio shelves are no exception.  So my head is so stuffed up and pressurized!

And the  new diagnosis of asthma is working overtime.

I started by vacuuming the entire house including the shelf and cutting table surfaces.  Then I mopped the entire house changing the Pinesol infused water multiple times.  Then I wiped down every edge and surface of the table and the shelves.

You can see the arches the Twins used to strengthen the mount and keep the area free of supporting legs that get in the way of chairs and knees.  They thought of everything, those guys!


And of course, there is the gratuitous butt shot.  Frank is priming.

Sunday, Carrie and Andrew will be here for lunch.  Frank and Andrew will put up the big TV in the den and the smaller one in the kitchen with the articulated arm.

While the boys are working on electronics, Carrie and I will pick out paint colors for the shelves and for the cutting table.  I am leaning toward the Moroccan Spice pallet.

Paula was in here today, pushing around the blue paint spots.  She likes cool colors.

Paula came to bring some of my fabrics and stuff back.  It is all sitting in the corner of her quilt room.  She is eager to clear out the space and get back to normal.

Hey, me too.

PS -- Tomorrow I will show you some more quilts.  Paula also brought back some quilts!  Yea!


  1. Such a simple thing, some quilts and fabrics on a shelf... but WAY too long since that has been part of your life. Looking good.

  2. Removing the dust - ah, yes. We have those allergies here too so I totally understand. As far as the colors you choose, I prefer softer colors in the studio so the darker tones don't swallow up the light I need to see with.

  3. Are you beginning to feel like your life is coming back? Enjoy the moments--you deserve every one, my friend.

  4. I feel your creativity MOJO returning! Now what can you do with a thistle? Hmm mmmmmm. It is really pretty spectacular. Nudes hiding behind thistles? Jumping over thistles? Ouch

  5. Things are coming together! Yeah rah!!!


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