Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stuff We Did to the Sewing Room

We worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- all day, every day.

Saturday morning we went to Quilt Corner to pick up the end piece for the long arm pole that was cracked when it fell off Frank's truck.  He and Glen were moving it to their house 3 days after the flood. Luckily it was not an expensive piece!  I had a chance to talk to owner Aunt Meg about progress on her flooded house and browse the shop a bit for the new fabrics.

Then we hit Lowes and picked up some carpet tape, foam board and about 20 other things we no longer have since the flood.   I think I go to Lowe's every day like clockwork.


The foam board will be my new design wall.  The sheets are like plywood size 4 x 8 feet.  I got three of them since I needed a length of 10 feet against that wall.

I cut out the hole for the socket -- and actually got it right!

The double sided carpet tape held it on the wall in the correct place until Frank could put in a few nails to make sure it would never leave me.

Here is the entire wall.  That camera makes everything look so small!  To the left of Frank is the half door to the hallway.

This is the air intake in the hallway just outside the den and the Quilt Room

 We used the leftover foam insulation to help keep the noise from the water draining from the washing machine from sounding like you are washing clothes right there in the den while watching TV.

 He kept having to crawl deeper and deeper into the air conditioning intake.

I didn't think he was this flexible still at his age!

I guess he showed me a thing or two!  It does muffle the sound by about half.  I am hoping that when the chairs and sofa comes that they will absorb some of the sound as well.

I made the first rump roast in my Instant Pot.  Suzette sent it to me in the midst of the "I Am Not Cooking in the Camper From Hell" tantrum I had one day.

And I made it with these spices from Lynne AKA Sneaky Spice, who knew just what I needed even if I couldn't cook right away.

The roast turned out pretty nice!  If you don't have an instant pot, you need to run out and get one.

 Carrie enticed me to go shopping with her for the shower.  Can you believe how the pg girls are dressing these days?  We would not be caught dead in anything that actually SHOWED we were pregnant.

One of the girls trying on dresses as well came out with a dress exactly like I was looking for.  I kept telling her how much I loved it, and one of the associates brought one to me in my size.......she handed it to me and said, you won't be the first grandma to come in here and buy a dress!

So now I am shopping at the maternity clothes store!  Can you say diet time?

By the way, this is NOT me............


  1. So have you started on that quilt?

  2. Love the striped one. Which one did she get?

  3. So happy the spices and herbs are getting used in your new kitchen!

    aka "Sneaky Spice"

  4. That is great to have 10' of design wall! It doesn't look like the boards are covered with flannel so the quilt pieces will stick to the board or am I just missing something? I don't remember how much design wall you had before. A girl can never had too much design wall!

  5. Hooray for progress! DH constantly amazes me at the small places he gets inside to fix things --- he is much more flexible than I am these days. Grandma . . . have you gotten used to the idea? I love being one.


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