Monday, March 13, 2017

Today's Quilt Show delayed.  It has rained a drizzly rain all day long.  I was lucky enough to get a parking space in the parking garage at the hospital today.  My surgeons visit was delayed since we were not in the house yet, and I didn't want to add anything on top of everything else.

Amanda texted me saying my sofa was in her warehouse.  Maybe I will see it later this week.

It is not like I don't have anything to sit on..............cause I got these today!!!!!!!

One is a rocker/recliner and one is just a recliner.  Frank gets sick if he rocks.  The jury is out yet to see if he can just watch me rock.  I may be rock restricted to when he is not here. 

What is it with the upside down stuff today?  I turned the fire on and am watching TV and rocking my little heart out till he gets home, at which time I will only be watching and reclining............


  1. Love your fabric choice! I am with Frank about rocking chairs. I also have difficulty on treadmills and moving walkways in airports, but I know why - does Frank have a diagnosis for his problem.

  2. Beautiful chairs! Did you get a good deal on that end table? LOL!!! I am glad to see the place getting put back together.

  3. Perfect chairs...bright and clean and comfy-looking. I'd love to have a rocker-recliner. I could rock all day, especially if there's a baby in my arms! Enjoy the rocking...when you're not restricted! lol


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