Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Babies, Boxes, Dogs and Dry Land

I went out to take the new photo of the house but the weather had clouded up the sky making it too dark to see much detail.  This afternoon the sun will be on the front of the house and we should be able to see detail.  No matter what the lighting, you can see there is no more water!

I went to the sonogram with Carrie yesterday.  I had so many things planned but when she called me and asked if I could be there in 10 minutes, I dropped everything, locked the dogs up without lunch and promptly locked myself out of the house.  Just like that.

I still made it to the hospital in under 12 minutes.

My dear friend Charlene brought me two more tubs from her place.  One held quilts, the other fabric.  I will do a quilt show for you tomorrow.  How's that?

In the mail was a box from Suzette (Swooze as some may know her). A group of quilters sent me some things that, while are not big or expensive items, very necessary for basic working.  It was exciting to open the box and find little treasures like stylus, pincushions, some fat quarters and needles and some exciting rulers.

I was so grateful to have these small essentials.  The depth of friendship and love of quilters is always amazing.

I stopped by Michael's to drop off 5 projects that needed framing and picked up my watercolor of The Fabulous Bonnie Doon.

It looked beautiful!  And it fit perfectly in the spot I left for it. Just three more to complete the montage of dogs.  Haven't heard from Terri yet about the Irish Setters.  I know, it has only been one week...........

One of the remaining boxes yielded this photo beauty.  It was done by a reporter when she wrote an article about me and my dog training company, Obedience 101.  I trained dogs for 35 years, bet you didn't know that!

That is Pepsi with me and we were at my class on the LSU Campus.  Pepsi was my first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  And my first CAAWS dog.  She was the one who started my journey in both worlds.

That is why I need my Wall of Dogs.


  1. Your life has become so run of the mill. I know that you haven't started quilting yet, but the sheer normalcy of life must feel wonder to you! Here's to many more days of simple, but full of good things days. Love the watercolor!

  2. The baby is already so pretty! The wonder of sonograms today, that you can see such detail.
    35 years of training dogs...I wonder if they train better than students. Ha! You have been a great asset to CAAWS. That's committment!

  3. I had the pleasure of going to the sonogram appt with my granddaughter. I was asking size questions, how big is this baby, how big are the feet. My daughter and another granddaughter were 2 lbs. so I was trying to visualize the size. The tech was so nice and we were able to exchange views on this process. I held our little sweetie on her 1st day. Amazing! Congratulations!

  4. Today's sonogram photos are amazing -- your wall of dogs gallery is coming along really well!

  5. A jammed packed post! Lots of good stuff going on! How's your toe?

  6. I love that picture of you. If you get a chance please make me a copy


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