Thursday, April 13, 2017

One More Step Toward Normal

Tom came to install the glass door to the master bath shower.  After it sets for 24 hours I will be able to use all the jets and shower heads in that baby!

I was afraid that the wall of glass would close in the room and I would hate it.  But it really looks good and not at all closed in.

One more step toward normal.  I need to find a squeegee

Meanwhile, I talked to Terri, the artist who will be creating my Irish Setter portraits.  I sent her several old photos of my Setter pair Brandy and Ginger.  They are old photos from 1972 to 1983.  I didn't have the nice cameras I have now, or even the ability to tweak the photos like we can with software.

Heck, we hadn't even THOUGHT of computers yet!  LOL

Here are some of the photos I found from way back when of my red beauties.

And one of me, way back in the mid  70's.  I looked damn good back then.  Of course, I didn't think I looked so good, I was constantly reminded of all my faults.

Now, I wish I looked that good again!  LOL


  1. Dang girl you could have a party in that shower! Tell frank to get out of my tub now!

  2. Indeed you looked good and whoever was looking for faults needed to be looking in a mirror. Your bathroom is amazing - that shower looks like fun. Jets and shower heads - Oh My.

  3. Maybe two squeegees . . . gorgeous!

  4. I have never wanted a fancy bathroom...always felt that the few things we do in a bathroom don't require spa facilities. And I can remember using an outhouse so...but your pretty shower sure has me thinking otherwise. Beautiful!


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