Monday, May 15, 2017

Sewing Room Shelves Organized -- A Bit

I got in there while I was waiting to hear from the vet.

When we were at the store this morning I picked up 6 baskets for the shelf unit in the sewing room.  I spent the afternoon tossing scissors/rotary cutters/blades in one, thread spools and cones in another, dyeing stuff in another, patterns in one and some random junk in another.

Looks better, huh?

I still have two more  I may use those in the front room where I also two of the same units.  Remember I found these sturdy metal shelf units at the Office Furniture place in their Used section for $99 each?

The project boxes are empty, but maybe soon I can fill some of them!

I also wanted to show you what my friend Patty the Quilt Lady gave me when we attended QuiltCon together.  I use this a lot.  It is the perfect shape for scissors and rotary cutters.  I keep the basic items i need to sit by the machine and just do normal sewing.

That means i can just pick it up and bring it to the Quilt Haus when I go there to sew.

Thanks Patty!  I love it!  Especially that tiny scissors charm!

I also took a pair of blue jean capris I had tossed out.  I actually dug through the trash to retrieve them, don't you know.

I made this stamp with a block of wood, string and some tin foil.  I painted bleach on the stamp and de-colored some areas on the jean fabric.  Nice.

I was going for waves.  There is a show coming up and the theme is Dreams.  I want to portray Nightmares.  Like the flood.

I found a glass and painted bleach on the rim and made some circles.  Even got a moon of sorts.

And I took my scrub brush and dipped it in the bleach and pounced it on some areas.

I tossed the pants in the washing machine and ran it through a cycle with extra water and some vinegar in the wash cycle.

Next step, plan.  Then cut, design.  And finally make and embellish.


  1. Thought of you, Frank and Chloe often today. Hope all is well.

  2. Hmm, this is going to be interesting. I'm curious!

  3. Fun to see your work in progress -- glad you were able to retrieve those capris!

  4. Getting the sewing room organized will be fantastic! Those baskets are perfect! I am glad you found the pouch useful. I like what you did with the capris!

  5. Is it weird that I see sperm swimming on your jeans in that next to last picture?

    So glad to see you playing with fabric again. You must rust something.

  6. Those jeans look so great - I would wear them like that!


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