Thursday, June 1, 2017

100 Meter Swim

I couldn't help it.  I have to work on a new quilt.  I was DYING to start this one!

Courtesy of Bernadette Mayr.

Isn't this a pretty field?  I might need to do a landscape.  I have a show coming up with the title "Hidden Dreams".  I was thinking Nightmares and Water.  This might be too Idyllic.

And I need to stop by a dog store and get a collar of some sort.  McGee is beginning to mess with his eye.  In her first surgery, Chloe took her own staples out, and I think she is giving McGee lessons.

Who me?  she says nonchalantly......


  1. Leave poor Chloe alone. McGee doesn't need anyone to teach him stuff...he's quite capable on his own. Besides Chloe can't be bothered with those boys and their foolishness.

    That fabric is gorgeous. I don't know where you're going (Chinese Coins maybe?) but it looks great so far. Maybe it could be the water part of your Nightmares and Water idea. It certainly has the look and flow of water. Have a great week with your new project!

  2. Is that some of your bleached capris in there? Nice start! I look forward to see where you take this.

  3. Love the curves! I just learned about the whole improv curve thing and am really drawn to the look. Hidden dreams could totally be nightmares so the flood idea is perfect. Can't wait to see what twist you will put on it.


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