Friday, June 30, 2017

Pantograph - and a New Quilt

Mountains Quilt - the quilting work is done, the quilt is trimmed and I need to decide on the binding.  I love a quick finish!  Nothing fancy, just a swirly pantograph.  It was a good one to get back in the saddle with, as they say.  Luckily it was fairly square....I say fairly because I have yet to actually make a square quilt.  I am sure my friend Paula's quilts are all perfectly square, but she also makes 1 quilt to my 5.  But hers are beautifully square.

I think I want to take the leftover oranges and make a multicolor binding.  That way I am for sure to hit every corner with a seam.

We had a Speakers Bureau last night with our finance guy John about minimizing taxes on disbursements.  Interesting retirement stuff.    He has monthly educational seminars and quarterly individual meetings with all his clients.  I've told you about him before, he mentors kids on the wrong track and helps them create lives for themselves outside poverty.  He had an encounter recently with a woman who was over 600 lbs.  His wish was to awaken her self esteem and the desire to change her life; different circumstances, same concept.  She has lost over 200 lbs and has enrolled in the community college BRCC.

I think this is my next quilt.

Here is a closer look.  I made this test block and LOVE it!  It was easy and fun to put together and easy to cut pieces for.

Now I need a background first.  Then I can match the diamonds fabric.  I have no more of that perfect batik.  Or I can find a common center, I am loving that red.  Oh the possibilities!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I am still working on Sawyer's quilt. 


  1. Your quilt looks wonderful! Wow I'd love to meet JOHN. Sounds like a great man.

  2. Nice job on the misty mountains quilt! I think John deserves a quilt. Right after you finish Sawyer's

  3. Go going on getting the mountains quilt quilted. John sounds like a wonderful fellow. I wish I had someone like him to bounce thoughts off of. That diamond block is very cool and I love the fabric you used!


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