Monday, July 3, 2017

Baby Triangles Quilted

Happy 4th of July!
This is a holiday I love.  Our Founding Fathers really didn't sign all at once on July 4th, and didn't even sign all in 1776.  That was the drawback of not having air travel and fast cars to get everyone together all at once.

My father loved to tell stories about all the protocol of Congress and stories of the patriots of old.  Those were some of the happy memories of being with him.  He was not always like that.  But I did learn a lot, and developed my political views from a lot of what he talked about.

Backs on Frame
I spent the afternoon working on the Twin Boy and the accompanying Twin Girl Triangles quilts.  Like true twins, I put them on the longarm together and ran long lines of stitching across both at the same time.
Tops side by side

Not as difficult as you might think.Ba 

And two for one in the time frame, nearly.  Economy of scale.  I decided after looking at them, the boy quilt needs light grey binding and the girl quilt needs the darker grey binding. 

tops done

The backs are perfect!
Of course I don't have either!


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  2. I have both, but you can probably get from a store easier and cheaper in the long run. I have been collecting grays for a man quilt.

  3. Two at once! That is the way to get quilts done! They turned out beautiful!

  4. Two for one...what a brilliant idea! Did you find lining them up on their respective backings difficult? You had probably worked that out beforehand. (Something I would not have the foresight to do.) They look fantastic side by side and the quilting lines are perfect for the modern feel of your design. Beautiful finishes!


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