Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Diamond Dogs

i am cutting out a set of diamonds that will pair with a background of dog fabric.  Hopefully it will be done by the time I leave for North Carolina next month.  I have had this diamond pattern in my mind for a while and no one to do it for.  But I am hoping to meet with The Fabulous Bonnie Doon's breeder in Bryson City.  And I will give it to her.  PEggy took a chance giving me her wild headstrong puppy in 1999.  Bonnie Doon was the star of her own life and of many facets of our national and regional Swissy club activities.  She was well known all across the US.

and not always for good stuff, like the time she ate a chihuahua at an agility trial.  She was forever known as the Taco Dog after that.

I guess you could say she was infamous!

But she was always a big happy dog!

My progress on the diamonds was thwarted by a fussy baby.  I was surprised when she dropped him off.  I remember Fayne saying she had Tuesday and Wednesday covered, and I had Thursday.  But I adjusted.  And Frank was home.  He is convinced he is a better mom than I am anyway, so he ran point on the initial crying.

From this picture, I might agree he is better........


  1. Cute baby - I think a certain number of crying pictures are required to remind them that they cried when they have children of their own and complain about fussiness.

  2. Bonnie Doon really ate another dog? Everyone had to have been horrified!

    My goodness Sawyer has gotten big! I hope he didn't cry for too long.


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