Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dinner, Ironing Boards and a Fabric Declaration

I didn't do much sewing this weekend.. 

I recreated my Fabric Usage spreadsheet.  I am not happy with it, but the other one is gone with my server in the flood. 

In Out
Week 6 15
Month 0 15
YTD 6 20.25

We did get a chance to have dinner last night with a group of friends at Houmas House, one of the plantations around here.  The owner has a couple of dogs who got married in a nice ceremony a few years back.  He loves dogs and it was a big publicity event for the plantation when it reopened.

They have a cage full of zebra finches hopping from one perch to another.  when it got dark they went  inside their nests and went to sleep like good little birds.

Click here to see their photo gallery at the plantation.  And scroll down the page to see the Royalty! 

Dinner was incredibly beautiful in the main Carriage House.  We sat at a long table, there were 16 in our party and another party of 12 sat at the opposite end with plenty of pace in between.  I  will have you know I did not have the home baked sweet bread.....everyone else did.  And, I did not have dessert....everyone else did.  I did, however, have corn grits.

Frank and I put together a big board for my ironing board.  I have been wanting one for 4 years now and I finally guilted him into helping me.  I have enough for another one if anyone wants to discuss purchasing that one.  I won't ship it, too heavy, it has to be local.

See who helped me with every step?

I set up a batch of yogurt in the Instant Pot.  I can't remember if I have done it in the instant pot before.  But before the flood I would make yogurt once or twice a week.  I hope  it turns out well, I have been wanting my Greek yogurt again.

You just really don't know what all you have lost until you go to use something and it is not there.

To make the yogurt I needed to replace three important kitchen items.

Well, one yogurt  important one, and two I saw potentially needing in the near future.

And it turns out I had one of the donut tins already so I can make a dozen at a time!  LOL


  1. Love the Houmas House. Looks like a wonderful adventure.

  2. That is a very nice ironing surface! The dinner sounds amazing! I was a good girl and didn't eat any cake or pizza at the party. I ate mostly protein and vegetables.

  3. How do you like the instapot? It's the latest and greatest kitchen gadget but do you use it a lot? Since I live alone I like to make easy and quick then eat it for a couple days. Is it good for that?


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