Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gallery Wrap

We had a small party on the 4th and  once again tested how the house would handle a crowd.  Pleased as ever; the people were able to flow through the areas with ease.

And I cannot deny the bacon wraps helped people be happy......
And we would have had more sausage had it not be left on the counter edge and end up in the jaws of a certain red basset.  I was not involved in the counter edge incident.  I know better!

I did my first gallery wrapped piece this morning.  It was easier than I thought it would be.  Now I want to go get a ton more canvases.  Why did I think  this was going to be difficult?  this is the base for the Dreams show that is coming up.  I went by the Bead Shop and picked up some supplies to start beading some of the spaces in that piece.  I am just working as I go along, with seemingly no plan.  If it doesn't come out like the picture in my head, I have only myself to blame.

I also was able to get the binding on all three pieces ~ the Mountains, the Boy Triangles and the Girl Triangles.  Now I need to sew them down in addition to the beading.

I feel I can put a quilt on the long arm and be able to choose what to do each day, or part of a day.

And I have a quilt I want to start.  I think I ca
n finish this one up in a proper amount of time and use up some large amounts of fabrics.

Free bird !

Oh.....that reminds me, I also want to do some pillows for the sofa and recliners in the living room/den.  I have some interesting ideas for those as well.


  1. You truly sound so much happier since the house is finished. You find joy in so many little things. Love the wit and sarcasm you sprinkle in your posts. Love that you have the ability to do quilts again because that seems to allow your creativity to feed your spirit. Love the wrap by the way.

  2. Busy hands for sure! Nice results!

  3. How do you wrap the canvases? Sounds intriguing

  4. You sure have been getting stuff done! That fish fabric is interesting! You go girl!


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