Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Year Ago Today.......August 12, 2016

It is our anniversary today.  And it is Saturday.

The rain continues. 

The containment area in the back of our property is the city line and has large power lines running through.  On the sunny days, the woodpeckers bang their heads on the metal flashing, driving bugs to the surface.

Now it is only the rain.  It was unexpected to find the water in this area.  Many years ago, the subdivision drained through here, but with city improvements in the last 30 plus years we had not seen water here.


This is the bridge over Jones Creek in the middle of the subdivision.  We had never seen the water this high, nearly touching the bottom of the bridge. 

We drove over to Carrie's house.  I can't remember why we were heading that way.  Some low places on the back roads were so full of water.  The rain was unrelenting.  Days and days of some pretty heavy rains.

We were shocked by the water.  It was freakish to drive and see familiar places covered.

Unbelievably, we still did not even think we would get water in the house.  Never did it cross either of our minds.  We were aghast at the water already in some homes.  But these homes were in the low areas that may have had issues in the past. 

We made plans with dear friends Michael and Renee for dinner at Bonefish Grill.  I had a steak and a Moscow Mule, Michael bought us dinner. 

Funny how those little, normal things stand out.

We drove home in the rain, and apologized to the dogs for missing our nightly ritual, the Walk.

We left them, full and happy that we had long time friends to celebrate with.   Back to our home, darkness hid the water in the back. 

So  far, it was still in its boundaries.  Contained.  We were still fine.  But we had no reason to think otherwise.

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  1. And the tale continues, but the build up is so ordinary. Ignorance is bliss and at this point you were so blissfully unaware of what was to come. At least you enjoyed your steak and Moscow mule.


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