Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ashboro to Wake Forest

you know, I could live in North Carolina.  I have so many Swissy friends here, and so many friend friends here, and so many quilting friends here.

We exchanged the too small Ford something or other with a larger Ford Escape.  Much better but still not optimum.  This is it though, no more changing vehicles!  The first time we stopped at a stop light the motor shuts down! OMG!  We panicked thinking we had broken down after just having picked up the new car.  He touched the gas pedal and whew! It magically turned on again.  That was a bit unsettling.

We met Howard at his gorgeous condo and he took us on a tour of Wake Forest.  Then to daughter Jenny's house.  I don't want to say they are rich, but.........their 16 year old son drives a Tesla.  Yep.  They have 10 bathrooms, that I counted.  A pool house that is 3000 sf and a movie theater on the entire third floor of their house.

And a Maserati and two Porsches they drive around town if they don't want to use the other two vehicles.

We lived across the street from the family when the girls were little, and we watched them grow up into amazing women.

Jenny is a ranked tennis player in the state and Mark occasionally races his cars.  They host golfers who are playing in the PGA tourneys a couple times a year and have met some up and coming players.

What a life, huh?  Interestingly enough, his sister, who is currently living with them, is a socialist who thinks Cuba is a big success.

Now that was some interesting dinner conversation!

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