Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Finished Up With the Pillowcases

All I have been doing is pillowcases!  And now they are done. 

Here are the final offerings:

 For the Chef!  I accidentally cut that wild greenish yellowish green.  I love the color, it is in my beloved solids piles.  I kept pulling it back and saying, I don't need to use it, then I found the perfect veggies to go with it.

I only had one yard of the elephants, you know how I love me some Ellies! 

So I used the edge fabric to make the body of the next.  And I used it all up! 

 Mardi Gras! 

Who can resist the Bon Temps Roulet of Mardi Gras!

So I pulled out the panel I got for Sawyer when Howard took me to one of the quilt shops in Wake Forest, NC.  I found the backing in the sale bin.  Perfect pair!

After talking to Carrie the other day, I will definitely keep this little quilt at my house for him.  I may never see it again if I sent it home with him.  I have to wait till he is older and can fall in love with things.  

I will put this little one on the Avante frame and zip it up.  Nothing fancy, just a little fun for a little boy!

Frank has gout again.  


  1. You remind me how enjoyable making pillowcases is. That veggie one with the green - delicious!

  2. I read everything and then got to the end of the post and saw "Frank has gout again." I fear you guys ate too well on vacation and he is truly paying for it. I had a friend who had gout and a brother in law who had bad consequences from gout, so I have to say hope this is a minor flare up and both of you need to take care of him. Does he get treated by a doctor or tough it out?

  3. What a terrific and fun panel!! Great pillowcases, too.

  4. More fabulous pillow cases. I need to make a few for myself. Sorry to hear about Frank. I hope he recovers quickly.


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