Friday, August 18, 2017

Scored More Fabric and Art Supplies

I ordered these just before we left for North Carolina and had them delivered to Carrie's house.  I have seen her twice and she has not brought them to me......I think she wants me to forget she has them.

I now have an alphabet stamp set.  Nice one, too.  And some Liquitex Inks. 

And Hancock's of Paducah had a really great sale on these batik pre-cuts.

I need to send one of them as a thank you to Bernadette May who sent me her fishes pattern to figure out.    I think I will send her a light batik pack because the lights are sometimes difficult to find and she lives in Germany.

And look at this drool worthy package of Essex should sing that when you say it! 

I love them all. 

Some of the blues will go into the Goldfish Quilt that will get worked on when I finish and deliver the Eclipse piece to the show committee.

Gotta go, people, gotta go fondle my fabrics.......


  1. Loved the batik sale - it was well worth it and I may have picked up a few for my stash.

  2. More fabulous goodies! How big are the letters in the stamp set?


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