Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Proof Of Life

Photo guide ( frank, cape d'or, hike to cape d'or, Tide out and tide in) I can't move them on my iPad.

Another day of 10 hours in the SUV driving.

Those who know me, know that a trip across town, even to a quilt shop, is agonizing to me!    While I can't say I am my totally happy self, I am doing quite well for 10 hours in a closed in vehicle with an idiot the man that I love.  How can he not understand that when the GPS says turn left in 900 meters it doesn't mean turn here into this persons driveway?

But I digress.  I haven't killed him yet, mostly because he still holds the tickets home.

To prove he is still alive.....

Of course I could have pushed him after the photo.  You just have to trust me on that.

Today we went to Capri D Or Lighthouse.  Breathtaking! We hiked down the side of the mountain to the top of the cliffs and walked along the ridge.  Trouble was...we had to walk UP to get back to the lot!

And the Joggings Fossil watch the tide come in.  More steps, what is this?  Is Nova Scotia trying to kill ME?

Here is Low Tide

This is when we left to eat lunch an hour later!

And Julie, you will be pleased to know, I am collecting a lot of Nova Scotia BARN pictures!!!!!

I get to hang with Valerie in Halifax in two days!!!!  Can't wait!


  1. If your barn photos are anywhere near as gorgeous as the others you've shared, they will be AMAZING. Here's to you and Val having the grandest of wonderful times together.

  2. Hug Valerie for me when you see her please, will ya?

    Sneaky Spice

  3. The ocean picture is breathtaking! I am glad you have having good weather.


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