Monday, November 13, 2017

A Finish, New Shoes and a Brag

 My cousin Karen had asked me for a donation for the Cadet Ball in the spring. The Blue Star Mothers group for the Navy Cadets raises money to send their cadets to the event.  I volunteered to do a quilt.

I finished it about two weeks ago, but put off the binding.  Finally finished it last night.

We are meeting this Thursday for lunch and I will deliver it.

Oops! you can see my mistake in the lower right corner block!

And this is my baby!  I taught her everything she knows!!!

Well, I taught her everything she needed to get there anyway.  This is in the Baton Rouge Business Report.

She won the 2017 Emerging Professional Award from the Louisiana State Board of Interior Design.

I got new shoes in the mail today from Yes We Vibe.  I fell in love with the styles and he shoes are very comfortable. If you love running shoes with amazing graphics you will need to check these out.

I don't get anything, I just love them!


  1. I love the care label on the back. So much cuter than mine, but much the same info. Carrie is making you proud again!

  2. Good job getting that quilt done! Congratulations to Carrie! Those are some wild shoes!


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