Saturday, November 11, 2017

Another Japanese Piece

Once again, on Pinterest.  That place gets me into the best trouble!  LOL.

I saw some photos of a piece that had been made of tea bags.  I have been collecting tea bags for a while now.  Not like years, but maybe months.  Off and on because Frank randomly tosses the ones I have drying on the countertop in an act of pure subversiveness. 

So I have been thinking of how I can use them.  I am not that great of an artist that I can draw on them and make it beautiful like some I see on Pinterest. 

So I headed my thoughts down another alleyway.

I fused them onto some Economy Cloth (note to self:  get plenty more Economy Cloth).

Darn, it looked Asian!  I have that Japanese challenge thing going on in my Fiber Group.  So I took it there!

I printed out the Japanese characters meaning black tea.  I traced it with a Prisma Pen using my new lightbox.  I lost the last one in the flood.  I  love my lightbox so I replaced it when i had a quilt room to put it in.

And added back some tags and string.  The Japanese philosophy is Simplicity so I kept it simple.  Of course, you can make it larger by clicking on it, as always.

Now I need to figure out how to hang it.  I am thinking about taking a piece of wood, creating a beaded line to the top of the piece and having it hang on the wood.  If you can understand what I am saying..... of course I can no longer find the pinterest picture.

Just imagine it.


  1. Extremely artsy and lovely. You are on a roll! What is economy cloth?

  2. That piece turned out very warm and beautiful. I buy tea bags from a place, but the bags are mesh instead of paper. The mesh doesn't change color either or else it would be a wonder element to add to a piece like yours.


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