Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Birthday Week Begins

You know, I have no idea what I did today.  No sewing anyway, I do know that.

My eyes are beset with allergy symptoms.  As are my sinuses.  So when I took the benedryl this morning (and again at lunch) that set the tone of the day.  And of course my ears ring loudly.  And when I do my exercises I am dizzy.  It will get better.

As necessary, I received the first small gift as Birthday Week commences.   A balloon with the perfect sentiment. 

I did go to the quilt shop (so far that it is in another city)for a 10 degree wedge ruler,  but they didn't have one in stock.  So they had to order it for me, which means I have to go back out there next week.

A I was driving home from the Quilt Corner, I began thinking about making a quilt with a piece of fabric I knew I had.  I saw a Pickle Dish quilt I really liked on a blog I follow.  We talked about how I had purchased Kaffe Fassett's book before the flood to make his Pickle Dish quilt. 

All of a sudden I had this overwhelming desire to do this quilt from the book Adding Layers by Kathy Doughty.  And I had the most perfect piece of fabric to make it with.  I just had to find it.

Of course, I couldn't.  I searched everywhere fabric was located.  And I had just seen it about 3 days prior.

Finally I was able to put my hands on it.  And the motif was larger than I had remembered.  So I uncurled those papers in the back of the book and finally found the melon shape piece was adequately large for the La Virgencita.

Don't you love a great Alexander Henry print?  These are amazing. 

 Look at the details in here.  I love the crowns and the flowers and the cherubs. 

Here is the quilt block I want to put her inside.  I need to pull some amazing colors to use for the wedges.  Any ideas?

And a background that will sing!


  1. Alexander Henry does make the best prints and yours is fabulous! I guess I would play around the wedge fabrics a bit to figure out what is going to look good. Maybe solids similar to the colors in the Henry fabric flowers with black between each wedge and then a print with a different scale for the corner blocks?

  2. I have that print and thus far I have just taken it out and thought about how to make it sing in a quilt. Unlike you I have no idea.

  3. A Black and white graphic for the corner blocks and colors from the focal fabric for the wedges - small scale, solids, peppered cottons, grunge, tone on tone, etc, so the florals of the focal fabric sing with joy.

  4. So exactly what day/date is your BD? Mine the 16th...yours???


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