Saturday, June 6, 2009

Get me out of Guam!

If you read Mother Goose and Grimm in the funnies, you will know that their GPS system's name is Glenda. Funny, it sounds really funny. Nothing has ever been named my name before, well that is except the lady two doors down. Man, that is still weird after 24 years.

So I got my GPS (which is not named, but I do like the commercial where the GPS unit wants to wear the diamond necklace) and it is about 3 years old and has been screaming for an updated map. So I purchase one tonight. To my delight I find that the upgrade includes some extra voices and Canada. We will be in Banff, CA AB in a couple of weeks so I gleefully pay the $80 for the upgrade for Canada as well.


I wade through the multiple tasks they set before me, and finally get it downloaded. I check out the voices section and find I can download some pretty cool voices. And I get two of them. Then I check out the newest color schemes, but decide not to change what I am used to.

So I restart my little updated GPS, whose belly is full of Canada and all the new streets in the United States of America. And I am happy, happy, happy.

Happy, that is, until I find that the GPS thinks I am in Guam. Nothing I do will make it understand that we are in Louisiana. I understand that there are many who think Louisiana is a Banana Republic but hey, do they grown bananas in Guam? (maybe they really do?)

My little GPS really believes we are in Guam. So I turn it off and back on multiple times. Nothing has changed, we are still in Guam. (at least we are not in Turkey) (or worse, Mexico).

I think I must have downloaded Guam when it asked for Canada. But then when I look at the choices, I see that there are many countries between Guam and Canada so my finger could not have slipped on the mouse and chosen Guam by mistake. Aughhhhhh! Get me out of Guam!

I type in a message to the Contact Us box on the Tom Tom website. I said, my GPS thinks we are in Guam, but we are in Louisiana. Help, there are gators swimming up to my car, I need directions!

glen: maybe I will get help fast.............

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