Monday, March 15, 2010

At the Zoo

Reminds me of the Simon & Garfunkle song......the zebras are reactionaries.....

Been wanting to show Valerie the zoo so we rode out and saw the zoo in the early spring mode. The day was perfect and the crowds were non-existent. Lots of animals were still slowly waking up, like the tortoises and alligators. The pelicans are gone, and the cranes were out delivering babies.

We rode the train with a couple dozen kids; and I bought Frank a hat for his birthday present.

The funniest thing happened to Valerie Or at least I had a great laugh... not sure that she was laughing though. There is a water fountain that is a huge piece of granite etched like the globe turning on upsprayed water. Valerie says, you can change the direction of the rotation by turning the globe, watch!

Next thing I know she is flying across the pavement crashing into a sprawled heap in front of a group of women pushing kids in baby carriages. She just lays there for a second, looking like.......wha' happened????

For a change it wasn't me on the ground!

But I busted my gut laughing at her!


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