Sunday, March 14, 2010

Off To PetsMart

Went to sit with Janet this morning at the Neuromedical Center where she is in rehab following a stroke during surgery to repair an aneurysm. Whew. She is doing well, frustrated because her communication level is not what she wants it to be. However her walking and balance is improving quickly.
While I was there, she was sleeping so I got three sides of the GSMDCA Auction Quilt bound. I am going to see if I can con Valerie into doing the rest of it and Garret's Swissy Quilt. yes, that is what I will do......I must find some great incentive to get her to do it.

Chloe the Smelly Basset needed to have her talons manicured so off we went this afternoon to Petsmart. Dutch came along for the ride, since it is different having only one dog to leave at home. He was mostly uncomfortable, but he did like to see the rats and the birds in their little low cages. Too bad they didn't have ferrets for him to look at!

Chloe was not happy about her toes getting chopped off, but she doesn't hold a grudge! Dutch and I walked around and sniffed the toys and the dog food and the cat food and the beds. He was just drinking it all in. I need to begin to take him more places. He does so enjoy a good ride!


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