Friday, March 12, 2010

Dog Quilts for Raffle and Silent Auction

I'll save the title for later when I see where this post is going.
I have been working on some contemporary quilts. Something different for me, but fulfilling my burning desire to get away from traditional. I look at blogs like Tallgrass Prairie and drool.
Here is my offering for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty Silent Auction, I had to go to the fabric store to hunt for a backing and I think I came up with a pretty good choice. Dark like the front, but circles rather than squares. It is titled Mardi Gras Dogs, but Kathy may change it. I gave her that option. I sent her pictures this morning and have not heard from her yet, I hope that is a good sign..............
I used up the leftover scraps making some zipper bags which I will send to both Southbound and GSMDCA for their respective raffles. I still need to put the label on the back of Southbound's Dog House Quilt. Why can't I get to that????

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