Thursday, May 27, 2010

......and Turtles

Not the Mutant Ninja kind but the slow lost kind.  Whatever is this doing in my back yard?

Frank said he moved a larger one away from the carport a few days ago.  I came in searching for Frank to remove this one, interrupting his viewing of the BP news conference on the Top Kill effectiveness trying to plug this oil spill. 

He carefully placed Mr. Turtle on the other side of the fence.  The last turtle we had ended up being a ball for the Swissys before I got him out of range of canine frolickers.  That was a few years ago.

Check out this guy's curiosity.



  1. He's cool. I love the pattern on his back. Big T keeps finding that size on his walks. He moves them carefully out of the road only to see them walk back that way again.

  2. My dogs love playing with the turtles too. Haven't found any in my yard yet, just toads.

  3. was it a "he" turtle looking for a "she" turtle? (you can tell by their tails and legs!) Or maybe it was a momma turtle looking for a place to lay eggs??


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