Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dyeing and weight pulling dogs

I am in the 3rd day  of my 4 day workshop on Dyeing by Design by Ann Johnston.  Go to her website to see her fabulous stuff.  She is a wonderful teacher and really laid back.......oh, that LOOKS like 1/4 cup!  My kinda woman.

And the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty is going on in Springfield MO this week.  Big news out of that one is that Bridger, a 4 year old boy pulled 4009.7 lbs in the weight pull for a new world's record! 

And my good friends Bob Kiar and Larry Hauskin's dog Elsa won Best Veteran Bitch in Sweepstakes.  So that was exciting!    Elsa and Dutch showed together when I was showing my boy.  Bob was a huge help to me when I was just learning about showing.

No time!  But I will download some wonderful stuff we are doing in a couple of days. 

glen:  dying to dye!

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