Monday, May 3, 2010

Design Wall Monday 5-3 and I sure wish I had had a camera for the snake!

My design wall is hopeful this Monday.  It is blank, totally blank.  But that is OK, because on my cutting table are the seeds that will fill the design wall during the week with a blue Sailboat.  The pattern comes from the newest issue of Quilts and More and I absolutely fell in love with it.  I pulled blues from every corner of my room to put together a wonderful pallet of fabric. I think I have found just the right combination.  It may be a bit more scrappy than the book shows, but then maybe not.  I think I can do it without buying new fabrics.  We shall see, it hasn't been done that often!

The second part of the title the "I sure wish I had a camera" part happened just minutes ago, before I came in to post to the Design Wall.  We heard a boom sound and felt the house shake.  So Frank got up to do his husbandly duty and protect his family.  He took a big dog with him.  He checked the corner of the immediate back yard, nearest where the crazy lady resides.  He was real quiet, stepping lightly over to the corner to listen and see if they had made the noise somehow.  Stepping lightly because he was in his stocking feet.  I stepped out on the patio to keep an eye on him. 

When all of a sudden he screams, a not so manly girl scream, and starts high stepping back toward me as fast as he can.  His knees are coming up as high as his chin and he is nearly levitating.  The dog is no help, he hasn't left the patio with me.

I see a lightening fast ribbon of 2 1/2 foot long snake in what sounded like a a not so manly girl scream, high stepping AWAY from Frank with his snakey little knees coming up as high as his chin, definitely levitating across the grass!

Frank said  he felt something on the top of his foot, looked down and saw that snake. 

The rest is history!  And I am busting a gut!

glen:  soooo glad it was not me!


  1. Love the sailboat pattern - and your blues look great for this project! No need to buy anything - I keep telling this to myself, too...

  2. Hilarious!!! Poor dear. Great fabrics, they will play great together.

  3. Big T came across one a couple of weeks back and they both went in opposite directions. When he finally caught it, he threw it and it landed in a small tree - it took an hour for the snake to come down.

    What was the house-shaking boom?


  4. LOL. After the snake he totally forgot about the house shaking boom! We get sonic booms sometimes from the flights between Houston Space Center and Cape Canaveral (or Cape Kennedy whatever they are calling it these days) in Florida. I am thinking it was either that or a transformer blowing somewhere.
    glen: eyeing that corner of the yard suspiciously

  5. Oh, I can so relate!! I'm sure the snake was just as startled as Frank. I stepped ON a much smaller snake in our yard....results were the same!

  6. LOL. I have a great picture of that Cherie!

    glen: in my head, with all the voices!

  7. Eeww! Snakes I can't stand. Makes my mouse problem a little easier to bear.


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