Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Dove, My Mom and a Rainy Day at the Quilt Store

Aughhhhh!  The Quilt Store is closing!  No one in the city knew that was happening until yesterday.  We are all in shock!  But I did put my jaw back in place long enough to spend $200 in fabric and books and patterns at the 50% off everything sale today! Yeah, buddy, can't let grief keep you from profiting at a great sale!

Neither did the rain that came down in torrents.  Or is it buckets?  Either one it was a much needed rain event.  I love my yard after a rain.  The colors look so deep and forest-y.  It reminds me of a freshly washed garden in some dark lush forest. 

I bought dots and African women, bright gradations and some chedder Civil War.  What a mixture!

And yesterday when I saw my cousin Karen, she brought me some wonderful fabrics from her mom's stash of fabrics.  There are some totally fine vintage pieces in there.  And a couple of things that don't look like Aunt Evelyn at all!  LOL.

My tiny little tomatoes produced another two ripe babies.  So I brought them in after the rain slowed a bit and gave one to my mother and I ate the other one.  Mine was delicious, I could taste the sun in that tiny burst of seeds and ripe flesh.  My mother's, on the other hand, was tough and nasty.  Sigh.......

While at the quilt store sale I had two people tell me they loved the blog! Thanks Andrea and Jessie! You made me feel wonderful and I really really needed a pick-me-up after dealing with my mom for the last two weeks! You have no idea how wonderful you made me feel! Thanks to both of you!

AND.....While I was at the Quilt Shop spending all my money intended for the next two weeks in one place, I talked to Andrea who was much more an expert on doves than I am.  She said that when the babies first start to leave the nest, they live on the ground for 3 or 4 days until they can get their wings strong enough to fly away.  And that is just what this baby did.  Frank kept saying it was a young one.  And it lived in the azalea bushes until yesterday when I saw a dove fly from the ground up to the roof.  I hoped and hoped that that was the one on  the ground!  I guess it was.  All I had to do was to keep the cat from finding out it was there. 

Fortunately I have a lazy cat!


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  1. So glad to hear about the bird. I love your blog too!


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