Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dove - not the soap, the bird

Valerie and I will go down in the morning and begin packing my mother's stuff.  I purchased some boxes and have collected some boxes.  On Sunday we will go back with a U-Haul and move furniture.  It will not be pleasant I would imagine.

She has been saying some pretty upsetting things about me, but I guess that is a way of releasing her frustration about the move.  Forced moves are tough.  And I don't have any other way to care for her anymore, so she must be here in this city with me.  So we begin.

I found a poor dove that appears to be damaged sitting below my bird feeder.  It looks alert, but doesn't fly away.  In fact, Frank was able to pick up and transport it via the cat carrier to the back of Dale's yard where we thought it to be safer then up here with Cali the Cat.  By morning it was back under the bird feeder again.  So there it stays.  We put out some water and made sure that bird feed was nearby.  It seemed to be testing its wings this evening.  But when we returned from dinner it was settling down for the night in the garden bed.

And the sunflower is a gift from the birds.  They drop their seeds and the sunflowers grow for free!


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  1. how hard for both of you. But you're right, she's needs more care than you can give her. And with her closer, less worries for you. Any change is upsetting for her, and she is venting her frustration with all of it thru you. She can't help it, and you can't either. I'll send some good thoughts your way while you do your best.


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