Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today is my anniversary.  We decided a number of years ago to forgo the presents and just opt for some splurge we wanted and dinner at a nicer restaurant than we usually enjoy.  We will go to Bonefish Grill and dress up and order an appetizer, and a really nice entree, which Frank won't do because he has a flare up of gout and can't eat meat or protein or flour or chicken or anything with a sauce or asparagus or dried beans and legumes or fish, mushrooms or spinach which makes me wonder why we are going out to eat at all.......but I digress.

We did have lunch at a different  (yucky lunch of really bad Caesar salad that was WAY too anchovy-ish for me)  restaurant with a favorite couple, Dan and Amber.  They are a great pair to be with.  She has gorgeous hair and a dry sense of humor that is tinged with a glint of fun in her eye.  And he is one of the happiest people I have ever met.  He always has a nice thing to say, and always notices when I get my hair done when Frank NEVER notices even though the appointment is listed on the board of my daily activities right there in the kitchen for all to see........but I digress.

Daughter Carrie will probably not even remember the date.  I reminded her last weekend that our anniversary would be today and she informed me that she does not give anniversary presents.  So there.  But I bet she won't even have a card, which is cheap and easy and just thoughtful and since she is married for a year now she should know that an anniversary these days is meaningful and it would make us feel good just to be remembered..........but I digress.

So what I wanted to say in the beginning of all this, before I digressed and all, is that today is our anniversary and we have been married for 38 years now.  Amazing.  I would have never even thought it would have lasted this long.  And some of it has even been fun!

glen:  he is lucky he ended up with me, no one else would have put up with his mother......but I digress.  And the dogs love him.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Mine is Saturday-28 years-and my dogs love him too!! Hope you have a nice dinner!

  2. Hey - happy, happy. We've got you beat by 5 years. Where we live I have to be careful and not talk about how long we've been married. Everyone else is on their 3rd or 4th and a long term marriage is only 10 years. At 10 years you are just still learning if he puts the cap on the toothpaste.

    Many, many hugs (give one to Frank too!) - Marie


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