Sunday, August 15, 2010

Donating blood for health - yours

I have the quietest followers in all the land.  Nobody makes a peep, except for Marie!  And the ladies on the Design Wall Monday group, they can be a riotous bunch.

This morning I have a headache, I think Marie gave it to me. 

I have been sitting and watching the yard excitement between the birds and the squirrels.  There were 6 squirrels foraging in the grass.  Occasionally there would be a tussle over a spot but they generally just minded their own seeds and nuts. 

There must have been 30 birds including 2 huge black grackles, a bossy brown mocking bird and a ton of those juvenile delinquent cardinals.  The cardinals have not finished turning their bright red but they are redder than last week.  I did find some dull red feathers on my door mat, too many to be just casually dropped so I figure Cali must have gotten a slow one.  She's not talking.

Yesterday Frank and I went to the health food store and got a blood analysis done.  It was interesting to see a drop of blood under the microscope.  You could see differences between mine and Frank's.  My blood cells were nice and round while his had some jagged edges.  That is free radical damage probably from all the plants he is in almost daily. 

The tech said that the best way to cleanse your blood and strengthen your body is to donate blood on a regular basis.  That forces your marrow to manufacture new red blood cells to replace what you just took out.  And that cleanses the liver, the pancreas and the blood system.

Never thought of that.


PS He only took a tiny drop of blood, not the amount you see in the picture!  LOL.


  1. I wish I could donate blood! The last time I did it they told me not to come back. My blood comes out so slow -I take up too much time and then they had to discard it because I couldn't fill up the container! I did get a cookie though!

  2. Hey girlfriend - I think if I had any feelings they might be hurt by your comments. If giving you my headache got rid of it for me - just kidding, I wouldn't wish that on anyone (well maybe one person I can think of).

    Like Vivian, I can't either, they see mine and ask if I want a transfusion. I didn't get a cookie though. I may have to go back.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Frank can't because he has had hepititus, and last time I went I couldn't because I had been to Costa Rica for a week. Maybe I can try again.

    I really could use that cookie.


  4. I use to give blood on a regular basis, about 40 times. I guess that's about 5 gallons. But the last few times I tried to give, they can't seem to get the vein or there is a skin plug that gets stuck in the tube and stops the flow. It's been a while, I should try again. And one of the reasons I gave was for the reasons the tech gave you.


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