Monday, September 27, 2010

Cleaning out the bird feeders and trying to work on some quilting stuff

I really need to be out running errands but Frank called DPW (Dept of Public Works) about a huge tree that is covering the street drain ditch in the rear of our property.  So DPW has sent men three times to look at it.  It involves rounding up the dogs and getting the locks and ropes off the gates and getting the men back there to look at it. So far, all any of the three (separate) men have done is LOOK.  But the last one assured me he will be back after lunch.  He did not use the word WORK.

So I an just sitting home while my errands pile up.  And that means I miss the boxing classes this morning and I was going to take my mom with me running the errands.  So we shall just have to move things on to tomorrow.  So much for a slower less hectic week, I imagine.

So I am doing things that need doing here.  Like vacuuuming you say?  NOPE!  That is too much work and it is in Frank's realm of stuff.  I cleaned out the bird feeders.    As you can see Chloe the Smelly Basset is helping her bird friend find the dome feeder I moved to fill in the gap of the other long feeder drying out in the sun.

Oh, I think I hear the DPW guys coming back!  Gotta Run!


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  1. Cleaning the bird feeders is a horrid job - give me the vacuum cleaner any day!


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