Sunday, September 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday 9-27-10

OK.  Let's see if I can actually get this posted on MONDAY..........aughhh!

For the last two weeks I have "woken up" like around 4:30 PM on Monday and thought, OHHHHHH!  Design Wall Post!  So I need to set my alarm or post notes or have someone call me and say. POST TO THE DESIGN WALL!

This week I have been busy -- a funeral, my mom, having the grand-dog stay for the LSU game last night, a much needed 11 mile bike ride and of course the Pirates of Penzance this afternoon.  You know, I have no idea why anyone would want to write a perfectly good play only to have perfectly good actors get up there and SING it.  I guess you noticed I don't particularly like musicals, right?  This one could have been in Italian for all I heard and understood.  But they moved around the stage a lot and I stayed awake.

Design wall, oh yeah.  My design wall is part of a fabulous free thinking Virtual Bee I am a member of that is attached to Bumble Bean's blog called 15 Minutes of Play.  I have been wanting to find a Virtual Bee for a long time now.  There are 12 of us and we each get a month.  And in our assigned month we choose a block and everyone sends us something.  Only rule is that you have to make up fabric from scazillions of scraps and use that as the major part of your block.    The block chosen for October is a very interesting one.  We make up the fabric and then slash it with a contrasting color strip and re-attach it.

See the Wizard of Oz fabric, the yellow brick road?  And the green dots are from the watermelon Christmas present.  Oh look there are some of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers up in the top corner.  And some stripes from Carnivale.       

It has been a really fabulous learning piece.  I learned that if you want the slashes to show, you need to do it in DARKER fabrics!  LOL.....that was certainly a duh moment, right?

V is loving these blocks as they begin to appear on her site.  The rest of us can't wait till we see what she has planned for the final outcome!


PS:  Oh Oh OH, I just have a fabulous Idea for my 15 minutes play blocks I have been making.  I love the black fabric strips through everything, so that is what it will be!


  1. have had a lot on your plate lately! Take good care of yourself too! Love your play block!

  2. That block os just SO much fun. What a great idea for scraps, and crumbs and strings. Another one to put in my pocket in my brain, and hope it won't get lost. LOL. That makes 2, so far today from these design walls.

  3. Very cute!!! Busy season isn't it. I hope you have a more normal and settled week.

  4. What a great block that holds so many memories.

  5. Very fun block! In spite of your extrenally imposed home imprisonment, hope the rest of your week isn't too hectic!

  6. Gives your block a great threee dimensional look having the paler stripe underneath!

  7. Love your slash blocks - and what a "I-spy" quilt it will be when looing at all the different fabric bits'n pieces!


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