Tuesday, September 7, 2010

juror #246 - Dismissed!

Well, I figured it was going to be a good day when I got out of the house with no dogs in a state of distress, got on the Interstate and traffic was flowing like it was mid-morning straggles and the parking garage had a place near the staircase.  I arrived downtown in record time, like under 18 minutes, which has to be some sort of a record.  The city was ready to have me serve!

Once in the Old State Capitol building with the other 499 prospective jurors, I read multiple chapters in my book.  I was reading The Hunger Games but had Glenn Beck's newest book in case I needed to make a statement.  I could just carry it around and flash its silver cover for grand effect.  They weeded out the first level of those who could not read, speak or write English (which could have been said of several people who "maded it passed dis partition of the budniss of the cote system".  Those who were over 75 got a free pass for just looking it, as well as those who had served the city in the last year.

Then we were given numbers and moved to the State Library, an unassuming building of indeterminate age.  It looked old but it was neat to have new quilting books to browse through.  I finally went outside to text Valerie that I would not be home for lunch and she had dog responsibilities at my house.

We were moved to the courthouse next according to our Panel number, I was on #3 Panel.  We went up to the courtroom to sit a spell.  When I heard the info about the case I knew immediately they did not want me on that jury.  It was a sexual abuse case against the State Foster Care Program. 

I carefully detailed my work with Capital Area Animal Welfare Society and that as a Board member for the last 8 years I had to make decisions about abuse cases of animals, at times extreme abuse.  I saw both legal teams furiously writing in their notes.  A few times both lawyers challenged me on my ability to look at the information objectively, and I assured them I could do so without a problem, as I was a fan of Law and Order for years. 

Ultimately I was dismissed along with several other people who had stated their opinions about abuse, the Child Welfare System in Louisiana and the Foster Care System. 

So it was a day where I got a lot of reading done and several new wrinkles in my brain with new information about the legal system works in the great State of Louisiana.


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  1. I have been picked for jury duty more than anyone else in my family. Sometimes I get picked to serve on the jury (foreperson once) and sometimes dismissed. I was on a hung jury and deliberated for 10 days over Christmas on a gangland beating in Los Angeles. This is the only state I have not been summoned to serve. I guess it truly is the luck of the draw - but why aren't they a little more 'even' in who they draw.

    Hugs - Marie


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