Monday, September 6, 2010

First bike ride of fall

Don't be fooled into thinking that fall has actually come to South Louisiana just yet.  For some reason, the same front that pushed Hurricanes Earl, Fiona and Gaston out to the Atlantic and away from the Carolinas has brought some cool weather to us.  It is an odd thing, August and September are generally hot months. 

But we woke on Friday to 70 degree temps in the early morn and felt the pull of the bikes.  So we took a 12 mile ride on Sunday to the Lake.  Dan and I want to ride the Tammany Trace this fall at least once this fall.  The Tammany Trace is part of the National Rails to Trails program.  You can find more information about it here:

I know several people though the hiking club who have ridden similar trails in other parts of the US.  And maybe you know trails near you.  They say Wisconsin has the most beautiful and developed trails to ride. 

Riding is far easier than walking, you distance quicker with less effort.  We have ridden with a group out of New Orleans and then another several years later out of Hammond.  The roads around Hammond were wonderful back country roads.  And the New Orleans group rode through the French Quarter, across the 24 mile Pontchartrain Bridge and on the levees in Jefferson and Orleans. 

There is a bike club here I looked into and am considering whether to join a group or just bike with friends.  The group will offer new friends and new ideas.  But current friends are good too.  This is Amber.  I can't show her face only her beautiful hair.  She does have beautiful thick shiny hair.  She has a beautiful face too, but I can't show it.  I should be the one hiding my face.   Her hubby Dan has no such hang ups!  Here he is!

Daughter Carrie came with us.  She started riding with us last spring.  It is enjoyable to ride with the cool breezes hitting your face.  By the time we were heading back it was already beginning to warm up.  So we headed over to George's on our bikes and ate hamburgers and onion rings.  I am sure we replenished any calories we used up in the ride!


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  1. Too much exercise for me. I'm proud of you for staying with it. We had beautiful (window open) weather for two days and now tonight the humidity is back. Supposed to be in the 90's again all week. Summer is not over in NC.

    Hugs - Marie


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