Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Got a little DVD in the mail!

Been waiting for this one and it appeared in the mailbox the other day.  Now for the time to look at it and practice the free motion work.  DSC01589

And then was wasting a little time cooking dinner.  These guys are recycled from last night’s fabulous Sweet Italian Sausage and Onions and Peppers dinner.  I had three left over that have been cooking in my famous Italian Red Gravy. 
Growing up in New Orleans we had Red Gravy and Brown Gravy.  TDSC01588his is Red Gravy.  And when you add these Sweet Italian Guys in there, it becomes ITALIAN Red Gravy.

Can you smell them????????     MMMMMMMMMMM…………..

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  1. They smell fantastic! You have a complete international dinner going. So let me get this straight - I order the dvd and all of a sudden I can free motion quilt? Hmmm - must get mine ordered today. I didn't realize it was quite this easy.

    Hugs - Marie


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