Friday, October 1, 2010

Working on Quilts Tonight (strike that)

We generally have a Friday night dinner with friends as regular as clockwork.  But for some reason we have nothing set up.  I was vacillating back and forth about contacting someone and just spending a night at home alone!  And I think the night alone won!  Cali the Cat is unimpressed at this news.

Dutch, however, is ecstatic!  He and the Flat Duck are very excited that they will have company tonight.  Chloe is just concerned about her next meal.  She is checking out the ingredients to see if they include some of that chicken from last night.......maybe.
I do have leftover chicken to finish for OUR dinner.  So it will be a quickie meal.  And Frank is outside washing down the back porch in preparation for painting tomorrow.  See him over here giving orders?  He is saying, go get me thing, go do that, bring this over to me.  I will have to listen to him tomorrow, but not today!  I spent the morning with my Alzheimer mom, so she is happy..  And the dogs have food in their bins and bones in the bone box.  So all is right with the world.

But tonight I am free.  I think I will sew!  I will post the product of that night of sewing here as I go along.  But now let me get the doglets fed and the chicken heated.  Later gator!

Post Script 1:  Best laid plans of mice and quilting got done tonight.  Spent an inordinate amount of time at Lowe's looking at a storm door, shutters, paint brushes, VOC paint and a sponge on a handle to make washing the wood down first easier.  aughhhh!


  1. Leftovers make the best dinners; moer time to quilt...or fix storm doors!

  2. Look at it this way - now he owes you one. It is important to keep track of these things. Now when he is least expecting it - you can pull out the 'remember when'.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. hehe--we need a whole new back door. Yes, I picked out the storm door. Yes, I picked out the inside door. I pointed them out in a brochure to DH. Wrote it door for him. Do you think he could go by himself and GET THEM! No, he is still waiting for me to do it! Arrrghhh! Men are all the same.


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