Friday, November 12, 2010

I guess I didn't think that one through!

A number of mornings I make a shake for breakfast consisting of a fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, cinnamon, honey and soy milk.  It is quite good when blended together and very healthy.  It keeps me from getting hungry at least until lunch.  We always have an abundance of bananas being they are the most favored fruit of Frank's life.  And blueberries.  The blueberries are frozen during peak blueberry time and give the shake a nicely chilled and purple appearance.  I have used other fruits from time to time, but generally there is a banana in there. 

So I decided that since the frozen blueberries make the shake so nice, I would freeze a couple of bananas to make it nicer.  So at the grocery yesterday I tossed in some 5 extra bananas. 

Upon arriving at home, I tossed the 5 extra bananas into the freezer.  When I pulled them out this morning I realized I had not thought this through yesterday.

How did I think I was going to get the skin off?



  1. lol! I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. The banana has become the most important food in the house. If there are no bananas in the morning, it's a crisis!

  2. I have a coca cola as soon as I walk into the kitchen. Does that count for a healthy breakfast?

    Hugs - Marie

  3. I defrosted them and peeled them and hurridly put them back into the freezer before anyone would notice.

    glen: yes, marie, if you add chocolate.....

  4. If you slice 'em into 1 ich pieces BEFORE you peel them and put them in a ziplock bacg, you can pull out a few chunks to add to your smoothie. It helps make it nice and thick.

  5. Hooting!! You could add them peel and all and get plenty of fiber......!


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