Monday, December 6, 2010

4 days out of surgery

So at 4 days out of surgery, the drains were the things that were bugging me the most. So doc agreed to take them out. I feel 2000% better! They were pretty painful where they were stitched in. Another 4 days and more stitches will come out.

He was late for the appointment, I was on time, he was working on some guy who had his eyelid ripped off.  He said you can do a lot of things to your face but ripping off your eyelid is probably the worst of all.

I told him that since he was in charge of my body that he needed to give me something for this sinus headache I had for the last 5 days and that had now grown into a full blown infection since he wouldn't let me take any of my regular meds.

So he gave me back my medicine cabinet. That will cure the rest. I told him that I can cure dog, cat or human from my medicine cabinet! He looked at Frank, who just shrugged and confirmed that he is still alive.

glen: ahhhhhh, sweet turmeric and decongestants!


  1. So glad you are back in the pharmacy business -no more of this messing around here. I do like the new look but which one is you? LOL

    You sound like you are back to your old self again, no more nice guy to the doctor. After all, he deprived you of all those meds. AND put someone's eyelid over your boobs - well, not exactly over but before.

    Just curious, what does the sweet turmeric do and where do I get it.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. turmeric is a cancer preventative, tumor killer, anti-inflammatory AND among other things AARP just released the study that says turmeric clears out amyloid plaque in the brain that they think causes Alzheimers.

    I capsulate my own using organic turmeric I order but you can get it at Walmart or similar or health food store in the vitamin section.

    Since I have been off turmeric for the two weeks prior to surgery I can feel all my aches and arthritis pains that the turmeric hides!

  3. Turmeric is very good and so is Boswellia Serrata. My Boswellia has Turmeric in it. I am with you, I can cure most anything with my medicine chest. I use the Boswellia/Turmeric for an anti-inflammatory. I cannot or should not take Tylenol. My liver enzymes were up, up a lot. I cut out Tylenol and took my B/T and Milk Thistle and my last tests were excellant. Hope you are up and about and QUILTING soon.


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