Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Land of the 1000 UFOs

I have no idea how many I actually have.  There is a semi-official record of my UFOs in one of the guild challenges.  I think that list has like 24 on it.  I was conservative. 

Then there was the period in my quilting life where I "kitted" groups of material so I would remember what I bought them for and how they were to go together.  I have 20 or so of those.
Then there is all the kits I have purchased from Hancock's of Paducah, Keepsake and Fons and Porter.  And the ones I inherited from my mother when her quilt room merged with mine. 

I figure there are pert near about 1000 by now. 

Like my freezer, I really have to use what I have in here before I go out buying more stuff.  I saw a stash report by one girl who listed her fabric usage as like 381.50 yards.  OMG!  I could never keep such a report, I wouldn't want anyone to REALLY know how much fabric I have.
I know Jessie will read this.  In fact she probably friended me just so she could see if I slipped up and actually mentioned this stuff on my blog.  You see, Jessie is the UFO coordinator in one of my quilt guilds.  She was not happy that we members were not finishing up on UFOs this year and vowed to make our lives miserable unless we started giving her something to work with.

Well, Jessie, this is for you.  I am going to tackle my UFOs in 2011.  2011 will be the year of the UFO .

(Don't tell Jessie, but 2010 was the Year of the Square and I only made one quilt with squares in it and I am not finished that one yet either!)



  1. Good to hear you're feeling a bit better, Glen! and don'y worry about all those UFOs...it makes me feel better about my pile!

  2. My perfect role model. I no longer have to feel guilty about leaving something unfinished - 'cause Glen does it! This is gonna work great - does it work with housework and other ugly things.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. LOL I have no idea how many I have either! I figure close to 100 though, I won't tell if you won't! Definitely a year of UFO's to come (and finishes !) Maybe when I have the BIG sort out for my soon to arrive studio I will actually count and catalogue - then again... maybe not! LOL


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