Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Day With SANTA PAWS at Petsmart

Every year Petsmart Charities lets animal groups take Santa Photos using their store and equipment and they donate $5 back to the Charity of the day for each photo sold.  We are darn good at selling photos, let me tell you.  Another unnamed charity last weekend only did 30 photos ALL weekend!

We will be there tomorrow if anyone wants to come down, Petsmart on Millerville, Baton Rouge, LA.  I'll be the perky one in the front of the store!

I told them this would be my poster family this year.  I love them.  Three kids, all girls, mom works part time, one dog, a cat and some fish.  And she was mostly sane!

Sexy Bobby V was our Santa today, tomorrow it will be my friend Sexy Dan.    Here is Mari "organizing" things.  She likes to do that.  Large and in charge, although she was jealous of my recent renovations.

This is Julie, our wonderful volunteer coordinator.  She was thinking she was strategically hiding between two dogs, but we knew she was there!

CAAWS gets $5 from every picture we take and when I left at 3 pm we had hit about 41.  On one day that is great!  That is 10 cat spays, and a couple of neuters.  What a day!


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  1. Beats selling candy door-to-door. Seriously, I love it, the photos are great and who can resist.

    Hugs - Marie


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