Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CAAWS Video from the Volunteer Party

This is the video that Pam makes every year for our CAAWS End of the Year Volunteer Party.  She does a fabulous job on it.  It shows our activities during the year and many of the adopted cats and dogs before and after now they are in their  forever homes.


I cry every time I see anything Andy though.  Andy was her beloved husband of 30+ years who died of cancer on Christmas Eve 2009.  He wanted to go home for one last visit to England before his time came and while there he took a turn for the worst and lost the battle.

Pam struggles through her days without him.  He was so much a part of the animals they loved so deeply.  Together they wer in New Orleans every day during the Katrina Rescue, and they worked the LSART Gustav Rescue.

They were the lead people in the LSART Rescues here in Louisiana and Pam continues to work her Feral Colony rescues here in Baton Rouge.

We all miss Andy.


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