Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok, I need help making this decision

I thought the orange would work, because it really brings out the orange in the quilt center.  It brought the small star background immediately to my eye, when they had been "absorbed" by the movement in the quilt background with no border at all.

Then I thought the blue would work because it actually tamed the movement in the border by focusing on the blue in the quilt.  It gave the blue a reason for being in the quilt center.

Honestly, when I pulled the fabric from my stash I did not think it would be this blazingly bright.  It iw a bit unsettling for me, who deals mostly in darker, more subdued fabrics.  My usual brights are those of the primary color wheel! 

 These are off the chart!

So which one do you like best? 

Frank, who actually has some eye for placement and color, really likes the orange. 



  1. I like the orange because it reminds me of those orange pushups (sherbert?) we used to eat when we were kids! My vote is with Frank!!

  2. I like the blue. It gives my eyes a chance to rest before moving on to some other portion of the quilt.

  3. I agree with Frank (and Vivian) - the orange is definetly it! The blue is to restful and you loose the vibrancy (is there such a word) that pops out with the orange.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Ok, I love the blue but the orange screams bright happy.

  5. Love the varied opinions! I like them both.. yeah, yeah.... But the blue makes the quilt pop, and the orange, to me, is a blender. It blends the two parts. I know that whichever you choose will be perfect, because if reflects YOU!!


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