Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Where the heck have I been?

Well, Saturday mom fell, bashed up her face but didn't break anything. Luckily. Spent 3days in the hospital while Frank handled the Mystic Krewe of MUtts Parade from the set up on Saturday and the parade on Sunday.

All the while I was searching for a nursing home for my alzheimer Mom and getting her moved in. While she is not quite happy about the situation, she is moved into a new room with lots of staff and evaluations. She looks like Tom Selleck with a huge dark bruise where his mustache sets. Her whole upper lip and down the sides of her mouth like a Fu Manchu. And black eyes and a busted up nose. She looks rough. Really rough.

I can't imagine even having help doing the hard stuff in my life, as usual I was on my own once again since this was the two days Frank decided to put his van in the shop. It was fun finding share time to use my own SUV to visit nursing homes , just get lunch and get home every day.

Now I just have a headache and my computer is still at the shop so I have little contact with the outside world.

Can you say.......aughhhhhhh?


  1. The important thing is you all survived - even Frank. It's okay to just open the back door and scream every once in awhile. Just keep remembering that you are doing the right thing for her. I know it gets hard but you can do it.

    Hugs (and I'm glad you're back!) - Marie

  2. Hugs Glen. I hope she recovers quickly.


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