Friday, February 25, 2011

The new little guy

February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, one of many odd holidays set aside (ok, often overlooked) for dogs and their owners.  Dog biscuits have possibly been around since at least Roman times, though they were far from the kind of dog treats we pamper our furry friends with today. The earliest dog biscuits were actually very old, hard, stale bread. Back then "bad bread" was considered "dog's bread."  By the 19th century hunters would give sporting dogs hard barley meal biscuits for energy on a hunt. Grain-only biscuits were slowly upgraded to include vegetables, meat and bone meal. These were homemade and, of course, did not come in any fun shapes or flavors.  Dog biscuits were once classified in the same category as soap! Delicious! 
So, how do you celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? There are probably as many ways as there are treats. Give your dog an old favorite or try something innovative and new. Teach a new trick. Or just enjoy watching your dog's body going on full alert in anticipation when you open the treat package! Yep, this is about the easiest holiday there is to celebrate!

And whe I get my computer back tomorrow, I will have an announcement about the new little guy in our family. Can you guess?


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  1. Wow Glen - I didn't even know you were pregnant. How can you keep something like this from your best friend?

    Hugs - Marie


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