Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hurray For Howl-y-wood

This is our theme for the CAAWS Krewe of Mutts Parade that is set to roll on Feb 20 at noon in downtown Baton Rouge.  You can get all the information at the website

If you are interested in supporting the CAAWS shelter you can purchase a t-shirt themed for the parade for $10.  100% of the money goes to CAAWS because Raisin' Cane's Chicken Fingers donates 300 shirts to us at no cost.

On the day of the parade we will sell out of the shirts, so if you do want one, you need to let me know soon.

The shirts are Hanes shirts so they are good quality, not the thin ones some organizations have.  These are real shirts!

Let me know.  If you are in town I can bring them and we can meet.  If you are out of town I can mail them for $5.00.  Priority post is $4.90 for the shirts so you will be donating the extra 10 cents to CAAWS!  I jsut don't want to fool with change.

Here are the front (top) and back (bottom).  Just let me know.  I have kids sizes, Adult S, M, L, XL and XXL.  But quantities in each size are limited and they are picking them up at the shelter on Quinn Drive today as well.

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