Friday, February 11, 2011

Junk Evolving

So today I had this wonderful idea for borders.  I though for a while that it did not need borders, but I really MUST put borders on this.  I thought it needed to be just bigger.

Then, after I started getting borders on it, I thought, duh.....I could have put more blocks around it to make it this size and used up more blocks.....but borders were already begun by the time that realization hit me.

So borders it is.  I wanted a "stop" border, and an outside border and that thought evolved into a three strip border. 

Then I thought the three strip border was dull compared to the inside center and I started chopping up the three strip border.


So here is a top, bottom and one side with borders on or near to be on.  you will notice my strip block for a cornerstone at the upper left. 

Do you think it looks too odd with the chopped up border and would look better with a "normal" border?



  1. Hey - your 'junk' is looking very good. Well, girlfriend - I think the pieced border is cool and it's in keeping with the theme of the quilt.

    I think the 'unpieced border' would have resulted in 'traditional junk' which was not the look you were going for.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. You might try a solid border around the quilt and then your pieced border. It would break the pieced border from the center. It's a thought and may not work out any better then what you have.


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